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I felt like i was reunited with my long lost friends

Wow. I just need to say thank you to all the beautiful beings that shared this weekend together. To disconnect from our day to day and reconnect to ourselves, nature and eachother. We are what made the weekend what it was. I felt like I didn't just meet new friends, i felt like i was reunited with long lost family in so many aspects.

Ajit Agni the words thank you for what you had given us with your devotion, love, hospitality, energy, knowledge, passion and time (what ever that is? Hehe). To all the facilitators (i want to mention you all for sharing your passions!) But some personal stand out of Tanu's emotinal release scream and and Lyndal's partner yoga. The playfulness for all the children, the little kids and the big ones! Simone and Jessica you have me addicted to the rhythm 💖 I can't tell you how blown away by the dance floor i was! You all made that such a special moment (first retreat workshop, you all erased my nervousness) Philip for the brilliant idea of a group massage ice breaker! For the magic everyone brought with them 💖 The weirdness, the openess, the honesty, the tears, the truth, the laughter, the silliness, the vulnerability, the conversation, the intamacy, the warmth, the you, the me and the we.

Love to you all for showing up for yourself and coming into not just my world but so many others xxx

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